Dead Zone Review

Dead Zone #1 – More Is Better

Story and Letters: Keith Braun

Pencils: Roman Morales III

Inks: Greg Harms

Colors: Kyle Chaney Jr.

Label: Plan B Comics

Dead Zone is pretty much a comic packed to the brim with action, like The Expendables in comic book form, except with one guy and less cameos. The book is a fairly short read and doesn’t give much in the way of story, except to set up the plot in which our hero, Dead Zone, hands out copious amounts of ass kicking.

I read the Plan B Black and White Limited Edition which premiered at ComicCONN in Connecticut. The art style lends itself nicely to the overall action-packed theme of the book. Roman Morales III has a laser eye for detail, which is only complimented by Greg Harm’s inks, bringing the hero Dead Zone to life in a way that makes him pop off the page. His armor is my personal fave; intricate, right down to the tiniest of scratches, bolts and dents. There are times, however, when Dead Zone seems to be the most interesting subject on the page, where the less important characters (the goons who have the unfortunate role of simply getting a bullet put through their brain) are not as rendered and seem to be an after thought. For the most part, though, the art is nicely done and the level of contrast that the inks bring to the book make it a juicy visual product.

I also had a chance to see the full-color version of the book with colors by Kyle Chaney Jr., who does a great job of enhancing the visual appeal of the comic while making the action-packed panels that much sweeter. Everything pops off the page that much more  because of Kyle’s colors, bringing the gritty atmosphere to life in a way that makes for some sexy eye candy.

Don’t expect something that is going to put you on an emotional journey of self-discovery here, but if you’re looking to be entertained and you want to feast your eyes on nicely rendered artwork, then Dead Zone is the book for you.

I give Dead Zone a 7 out of 10.

Dead Zone is currently available through Plan B Comics in both a printed format and as a digital download.

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Dead Zone is © 2011 Keith Allen Braun. All rights reserved.


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