A Lesson in Character Design

You know how when you design a character, his weapons, appearance, abilities, etc should all coincide in an effort to make practical sense? Yeah, I did none of that when I sketched this.

Last night, I was trying to figure out what to draw for today and I started sketching this pumpkin dude. Then my boyfriend and I started going back and forth about how he should look. My boyfriend suggested giving him an axe, a huge gold rope chain with a medallion, and putting him in the 80’s. I wanted him to be a B-Boy from Harlem with a boom box who preyed on the souls of children on Halloween night. Some how, this was born.

© 2011 Takeia Dunlop

Sometimes it’s fun to just make something up and create a story around it later. We came up with all kinds of stupid scenarios and origins out of sheer randomness and it was awesome. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to color it.

Later guys!



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