Yungg Soja – Pen n Pad Vol. 2

Yes. More Hip Hop for your ears, people.

I was chilling, drawing…the usual…when Yungg Soja hit my page with a link to his newest mixtape, Pen n Pad Vol. 2.

I’ve been so out of the loop lately that I wasn’t aware that he had this mixtape in the works, and I had been dying for some new music so this came right on schedule. I hit play, then after a few bars….

Yungg Soja the lyric addict, I’m back at it/trying to add my stats up, impossible mathematics/the mathematics with these bars, infinite past ya’ll/spit it sicker, iller, quicker, beyond sars

…I had to hit pause.

Hold on, I thought, is this just the intro???

See, I love multis and intricate rhyme schemes, and Soja never wastes time delivering on both. Straight out of Columbus, Ohio, I think this young artist is destined to put his city on the map. But I’ll let you listen for yourself, since bars speak louder than words. You can listen to and download Pen n Pad Vol. 2 for free at the link below:

And I’ll just leave you with a sample of some sick lines from the artist himself.



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