Sharing Is Caring

So I’ve been told before that I’m really absent-minded, which is very true to some extent. I can never remember where I put things, and I suffer from bouts of selective forgetfulness. That being said, I’m the Queen of accidentally stumbling upon useful information. Information that I want to share with you guys in the hopes that some of it will help you in your individual journeys towards successful careers. Or maybe it’ll just be something to do on your lunch break. *shrug*

P.S…Each picture is a link to the site.

Making Comics

Some of you may have noticed this little addition to the banners in my side bar. I highly recommend going through this site when you have time. It was initially started by Jason Brubaker, the creator of a popular web comic called reMIND. He has since moved all his tutorials and articles over to this site which is also home to a myriad of professional artists contributing their keen insight on anything from self-publishing, to writing your own comic, to hand-lettering…the sky’s the limit!

The Brutal Circle

Consisting of writers Paul Allor, Rob Anderson, Frederick Kim, Don McMillan, and William Yurkas, The Brutal Circle is dedicated to discussing the craft of storytelling and ways to improve your writing. It has some good info and tips for anyone looking to improve as a storyteller.


Motivarti, formerly known as Picture This, is a mentorship program that hooks up and coming creators such as yourselves with professional artists in the industry (for a fee, of course). Never tried it myself, but it sounds like a good program for anyone who is interested. Right now David Coleman, an award-winning character designer who has worked with Disney, Blue Sky Studios, and Cartoon Network, has signed on to be a mentor for the program. You can find more information on their site.

Creature Links

Sorry, this one kind of messed up my trend of posting the site’s banner, since there was no banner for this one. So here’s a picture of Tweety Bird instead.

Anyway, Creature Links is just a Wiki full of art tutorials specifically for drawing animals. Some of the tutorials are very basic, but there are some really good in-depth ones that explain the animals’ anatomy and even how their muscles work in motion. I think it’s worth checking out as a good reference point if you have trouble drawing animals.

Blackline Comics

It looks like the website for Blackline Comics might be down right now or undergoing construction or something. But they’re dropping their first ever anthology next year and they are looking for 5 page, black and white submissions. The deadline has been extended to January 1st, so don’t worry if you see the old November 3rd deadline somewhere on their Facebook page.

Requirements: Each submission must include a script and five pages of completely drawn and inked black and white art. You must supply a logo graphic for your story. Do not letter your submissions. All lettering done for the anthology will be handled by the in house Blackline lettering staff.

That’s it for now. I have more stuff neatly tucked away in my bookmarks folder so I’ll share more with all of you another time. If you know of any other resources or anything that other artists can use, feel free to drop a link in the comments.




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