All Tooned Up: Mega Man

Ok, before I get to the art, just wanted to let you guys know about two things:

1. I won’t be posting anything next week. I’m going away to spend some time with the fam and gobble up some of that good good Thanksgiving dinner, so I’ll be pretty MIA (at least where the blog is concerned).

2. I’m doing a special Christmas sale on commissions for a limited time only.  You can get a 9×12, fully colored piece with a limited background for $25.00. Payment up front by Paypal only. My Paypal is, which is also my email address if you have any questions or want to request a piece. OC’s are ESPECIALLY welcome. I love drawing other people’s characters.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, here’s a Mega Man piece I did for the art jam over at All Tooned Up. I had fun with it and I’m looking forward to the next jam.


2 thoughts on “All Tooned Up: Mega Man

  1. This is really awesome. The only thing I would note is the fact that his gun is on the wrong arm. But the detail is great and color amazing.

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