Food For Thought

Yesterday Columbus, Ohio native emcee/producer, Yungg Soja, hit my Facebook wall with a handful of links that included new music, interviews, and performances. Among them was Vol. 2 of his collabo project with fellow Columbus emcee, Turnz, called Deadly Combination.  Another rhyme, one that really stood out for me,  was Food For Thought, a lyrically intricate message that observes blatant social issues while making the point that we are often the cause and solution to those problems.  Soja chimes:

Get your job right,

cause we on the verge of self destruction,

unlawful structure soaked in the stench of urban corruption

In an era of Hip Hop that’s more testes-hugging skinny jeans and pop than anything, it’s nice to see someone take it back to a street-conscious level. And, having heard Soja’s rhymes for a little while now, I can tell you one thing…social messages aside, this kid is about nothing but raw lyricism; that kind that you have to rewind to catch, making it seem like everyone else is just Dr. Seuss-ing their raps. I’m not going to say too much else. I’ll just leave  you with the links and let you hear for yourself. But drop a comment…let me know if you dig it.

Oh, and if you’re in the Columbus area, Soja and Turnz will be opening for Raekwon at Skully’s on April 23rd.




Yungg Soja & Turnz – Deadly Combination 2:

Yungg Soja on Facebook:

Raekwon at Skully’s:


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