Yungg Soja – Rhyming With No Boxes

Anybody who knows me – like, really knows me – knows that I’m a sucker for lyrical prowess when it comes to Hip Hop. It almost doesn’t matter what’s being said for me so long as how it’s being said is dope. I listen for the poetry in it which is, no matter what, the true essence at the core of rhyming. Combine that with good storytelling, passion, and heart, then you’re golden in my book.

So it was a blessing when Soja hit me up with some new tracks from his upcoming EP titled No Boxes, a project the young emcee openly admits he’s doing in order to test himself. “I want to bring back the art of concepts and clever wordplay,” he said when I asked him what his mindset was while writing and producing the project. “I feel like it’s missing and I feel I am versatile enough to not be limited in a creative box.”

The two singles “Fly High,” and “Let Go” follow the precedent that Soja is setting with this project. Set against hard-hitting, thumping beats that are quickly becoming his trademark, Soja’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of someone who is breaking any and all restraints and really going hard with his craft. “‘Fly High’ is me saying I’m done holding back,” he explains. “I’m freeing my mind and aiming for higher ‘cause I’m dope enough and more advanced than these rappers lyrically.” Soja’s confidence definitely comes through in this song, and is a nice contrast to “Let Go,” which focuses more on his attempts to move past his self-doubts. “‘Let Go’ is a very emotional song for me,” he admits. “It’s literally me letting go of the doubt, the hurt, the confusion – reaching within self and letting it all out and going beyond your own expectations. That song means everything to me.”

In an era of music where the material things get more shine than genuine, from-the-heart, skillful rhymes, I think Soja is refreshing and is saying things in his music that we can all relate to. But I know you’re tired of hearing me talk, so I’ll let you listen for yourself. You can get both singles on iTunes for $0.99 each. And look out for No Boxes, dropping early 2013.

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14 thoughts on “Yungg Soja – Rhyming With No Boxes

  1. The “Let Go” single is something Hip Hop has lacked for a while now, and thats the emotional connection. You can hear that he put his entire self in to that record. Lyrics are coming back to the fore front, and would like to Soja in the midst of that.

  2. I have the honor of working with Yungg Soja, he is a force to be reckoned with ..keep a look out, you will soon see and hear this young man everywhere that counts!

  3. His music is real, up beat, fresh and original. He’s true to his music and he’s gonna literally fly high with it because he’s that talented.

  4. I’ve been watchin him since he was a little boy the passion he have for music, he has his ups and downs but he keep goin and I love it, he’s good at what he’s doin, glad to see people finally listening, Thank you for supporting him

  5. so so so proud of him….the love he has for his music,the meaning to the lyrics n the songs,and the passion he brings during the performances. I cant wait to see him on the big screen they will deff love the new versatile and positive sound he brings he deff has a fan for life #TEAMSOJA all day

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