Introducing Art Therapy

Art sucks.

I mean, not the act of creating it, but everything that comes with the territory. I’ve spoken to a lot of creators, and I’ve noticed that we all go through very similar emotions and problems, whether you’re someone who’s just starting out, or someone who has been in the game 20-plus years. Birds of a feather, and all that.

Over the weekend, I came across some stuff that I wrote for the blog that addressed some of the issues that I think all artists have. Problem was, I never knew what to do with it. So I’m starting a category called Art Therapy. It’s not really advice, but it’s not really not advice. I’m sure that makes complete and total sense to everyone.

Basically, it’s what I would probably tell myself if I could step outside of this skinny frame and speak to my inner artist. It’s what I would tell other artists, if I could encourage them to do the same.

Having a problem with a client that won’t pay up? Did that guy who’s last artistic masterpiece was a hand-painting he did in kindergarten tell you that you’ll never make it as an artist? Guys, having problems with women who won’t talk to you because you’re still wearing Ninja Turtles boxers (which I think is awesome, by the way)? Ladies, having problems with guys who only hire you because they think you look good? Yeah, we’re going to talk about all that shit here.

Which brings me to my next point. Art Therapy is also an open floor. You can leave a comment and talk about how you deal with that specific problem of the day, or if you really want to get your feet wet, you can write a guest article and I’ll feature it on the blog. Only catch is, there needs to be, contained within your article, a solution to the problem. No ranting or complaining. This is about helping people out.

Feel free to read my first Art Therapy post,  and if you’re interested in writing something, check out the submissions page for details.




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