Yungg Soja – I Am Klasik

Yungg Soja -I Am Klasik

Dream Big, Live Klasik.

That’s the new motto of Columbus, Ohio emcee, Yungg Soja, and the theme behind his newest mixtape, I Am Klasik Vol. 1. The intro sets the tone for the type of lyricism you’re going to hear from this project – complex, gritty, and meticulous. But its the riveting spoken word of JG the Jugganaut following Soja’s lyrics that sets the tone for the entire mixtape by begging the question, “Are you classic?”

The idea of what makes an emcee classic becomes the conceptual basis for the entire mixtape. Soja often goes back and forth between asking himself that question, and answering it with life experiences and lyrical ability. Songs like Shoelaces and Hell Under Water paint a picture of someone with self-doubt searching for inner determination, ultimately contrasted by the more confident Crown Me Emcee, where he talks about his personal growth as an artist. At the same time, he’s not afraid to call out certain types of rappers on The Exception: those who want to be the exception to failure and want all the success without any of the work.

He goes on to pay tribute to the influence of Hip Hop in his life with tracks like Heart 2 Heart and All I Need, both cleverly disguised as more intimate love songs. The Feel is probably one of my favorite tracks on the whole mixtape as it questions the essence of the current state of  Hip Hop compared to where it has been, and you can hear the theme of being classic resonating between the bars:

I’m not knocking your flava/

I’m just saying don’t compare it to mine/

Cuz Hip Hop with that feel/

was in a different place and time

I’m not going to say that this is a perfect project by any means, but Soja’s growth, especially with penning concepts, is definitely there. There’s a solid theme going on here that is relatable to anyone with a dream. In the end, it’s clear that his stance on becoming classic is that it’s something that requires constant evolution and the willingness to step your game up.

Oh yeah.

And the ability to really spit. Let’s not forget that.


You can visit to download the mixtape for free. You can also follow Soja at the links below:



Dream Big, Live Klasik guys. Until next time.



20 thoughts on “Yungg Soja – I Am Klasik

  1. I’m HONORED to say that this talented #Klasik young man is a friend of mine, label mate, and also MY MOTIVATOR!!!! There’s one particular song that gets me EVERYTIME and its titled “Let Go” this is definitely a rising star.

  2. This mix tape to me is one of the best ones he’s brought out. His love n hunger for music is so awesome. I love the fact tht he put poets and great emcees on this one in a mix……ppl need to get to no him. This is a nice CD to listen to while u ride in ur car or chill at ur house……really it’s a CD u can play any and everywhere lol…….got a fan for life #teamsoja all day!!!!!! P.s thank u so much for noticing himhim n his talent

  3. This man is bringing real hip hop back, he tells stories that you can relate to and get gritty wit it too. He’s definitely on the come up and should be recognized, so proud my brother,

  4. I love this album. The deal is I’ve never had the expirence of listening to a true artist then this one. He really is one in a million. When I had a bad day I know I can throw on his music and crash but still keep feeling relaxed. I really suggest this music to a 80 year old man and a 8 year old. Anyone of any gen will appreciate great music when they hear it.

  5. JOE!! Definite lyrical mastermind, musical vanguard, who had yet to hit his prime. Expressing his darker past steadily revealing the brightness of His future. Big Bro!! Rock with me I’m Joe!!

  6. Rarely nowaday am i impressed with someone that hasnt already been playing in the deck for years. i got the download and when i saw them out i had to get a hard copy too. Dope Hip hop is the best and only way to describe it!!

  7. Yungg Soja has truly grown as a artist and this album gives many people opportunity to relate in many ways to the music…
    Please take the time to listen to this album you will not regret it by any means. #truefan

  8. Ive been knowing soja since he was 15 and i have seen a lot of improvement and many many doors open for him. I am so proud of him and his growth and i know this is one more accomplishment for him! Congrats brutter!

  9. Very talented indivdual that has a bright future . His passion comes through his music to relate to a lot of people in many different situations. Not only lyrical but he is definitely a creative monster. Gives back to his community by allowing a positive environment to let other MC’s, singers, poets, etc have the opportunity to showcase their talents once a month at a picked location. I see big things for this guy keep up the great work.

  10. I’m so proud of you Joe! You are definitely doing your thing and I’m happy to say congratulations! Not only as a fellow artist but as a FAN! Keep up the good work! You deserve every blessing!!!

  11. Every time he opens his mouth there nothing but inspirational words spoken by someone who doesnt just love music but IS music! His lyrics are mind blowing and his flow is so sick! More positive artists like him are needed in this world. #Klasik

  12. First of all (my favorite way to start any sentence, conversation and point, lol). I am grateful to have had the pleasure of hearing Yungg Soja perform in the HUMBLE Midwest setting of Columbus OH. My first time experiencing his music was amazing, not only because of his skill, which is undeniable…but because of his passion and the command of his presence once the mic is in his hand. The small and SHARED stage allowed me to see that his music demands a GLOBAL stage, without being pretentious. After “I Am Klasik” dropped, I was able to listen to his earlier work and hear the growth! The reviewer states that this project is not perfect, but I stand to debate that this project is head and shoulders above much of the work released by independent artists and is fueled by SHEER PASSION, determination and progressiveness. If you don’t have it, go get it. And if you don’t believe it, listen to his earlier music and hear the progress for yourself. The proof is in the pudding. Mark my words, the world is this emcee’s stage; they’ll find out soon!

  13. Very dope review … and much deserving! Soja is one of the most talented lyricists I have ever heard! The world isn’t ready!!! If you haven’t heard of him … go get familiar now!!! #Klasik #Salute!! #MyTeamStrong

  14. His style of music is real, he’s telling real life and not selling a dream about the hood life obtaining obscene amount of riches and glory, he’s really truely giving back the name Hip Hop, putting unreliable lyrics of life to a shameful death and breathing AUTHENTIC hip hop back into its rightful place. Well Done

  15. Hands down the best Lyricists in our city. With platforms like this and many others, it’s only a matter of time before the entire world wants to be KLASIK

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