Who Are You, Kia?

I’m no one, really – just someone with a lot to say. I love comics, drawing, hip-hop, video games, and other cool things that you thought only boys could love. I also love talking about all these things. So I thought, why not just start a blog? We’ll see if that was a good idea or not. 😀

What Is Spray Paint and Ink Pens?

Spray Paint and Ink Pens is a blog that caters to both my fascination for comics and art, and my undying love affair with Hip-Hop. The idea behind Spray Paint and Ink Pens was inspired by the song of the same name, and I thought it was appropriate since both Hip-Hop and art have the ability to paint vivid pictures, whether it’s with words or with a pencil.

What’s The Point?

Glad you asked, invisible made up person! I wanted to start a blog that focuses on independent creators, and by independent, I mean not Marvel or DC. Nothing against those guys, but there are people on a smaller level who are doing really big things, and I think that they deserve some notice. At the same time, though, if there’s something relevant going on in mainstream comics, more than likely I’ll be talking about it. For the most part, I hope to open your eyes to things that you maybe were not aware of before.

Likewise when it comes to Hip Hop.

Where’s YOUR Art, Kia??

It’s….around. Lol. No seriously, this blog is not about me, it’s more about YOU. But, that being said, you will find my art on here from time to time. Sketches or pin-ups that I’m working on, and, in the future, more personal projects.

Will You Do A Review or Interview For Me?

Yes! Check out the submissions page for more info on reviews and interviews.

Have a question that you don’t see here? Email me at KiaPeya@gmail.com


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